Treating your wooden stairs

Treating your wooden stairs

A wooden staircase is comfortable and feels pleasantly warm on your feet. Moreover, it fits any style, from rustic to modern. This is why wood is the perfect material for a staircase. 


Of course, the wood has to endure some wear and tear, especially if you use it a lot. By oiling your wooden staircase, you protect it from daily abrasion and give it the colour you like. Our products are carefully formulated to treat, clean and maintain wooden stairs. This way, the wood is permanently protected and stays in great condition. 

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The Best Finish for Wooden Stairs

Our Oil Plus 2C range is available in over 50 colours, so no matter what kind of timber you've used for your stairs, you'll be able to find a finish that complements the natural beauty of the wood. Or if you want to add a pop of colour, we also offer custom colour matching services.

When it comes to finishing wooden stairs, there are a few factors to consider. The first is durability – stairs are high traffic areas and need to be able to withstand constant use without showing signs of wear and tear. Our Oil Plus 2C range is extremely durable, with a hardwearing finish that will protect your stairs for years to come.

Another important factor is the ease of maintenance. Stairs can be tricky to clean, especially if they have intricate designs or are in hard-to-reach areas. Our Oil Plus 2C finish is low maintenance, making it easy to keep your stairs looking like new with just a simple wipe down. And because only 1 coat of Oil Plus 2C is necessary, it's a quick and easy process to apply the finish.