The ultimate wood protection based on molecular bonding

The advantages of molecular bonding

Rubio® Monocoat is the reference for the qualitative and environmentally friendly protection of wood. The advanced technology of molecular bonding on which the functioning of Rubio® Monocoat is based, makes the Rubio® Monocoat oils not only durable, but also extremely economical and user-friendly.

The Rubio Monocoat oil anchors itself - in a matter of moments - to the top microns of the wood by forming a molecular bond with the cellulose fibres (no film formation, no saturation method). This unique technology has set Rubio Monocoat apart from other wood protection products for years. This is why our technology has the following advantages:

  • One single layer
  • No overlaps
  • Durable protection
  • Unique colours
  • 0% VOC
  • All wood types
  • Easy to maintain


The difference with other technologies


When using varnish, you form a film on your wood that flakes off more easily over time. In addition, you have to apply several layers and sand in between. This means more work and greater consumption, and it is more time-consuming. In addition, the wood no longer has a natural feel, which is indeed the case with Rubio Monocoat oils. Perhaps the most important thing of all: a mistake cannot be corrected. If you have made a mistake after all, you will have to sand away the entire varnish layer and start again.

Traditional waxes and oils

With traditional waxes and oils, the products penetrate deep into the wood. Due to the saturation system, several layers are required here as well. In addition, during the first one to two months after application, you run the risk of stains from a knocked over glass of wine, which you cannot remove afterwards. Here, too, it is difficult to correct mistakes and you may end up with overlaps in the various layers.

Rubio Monocoat oil

The unique molecular bonding ensures that you only need to apply one coat and that overlaps are impossible. The wood is easy to maintain and retains its natural look and feel, even in combination with our many unique colours. Drops and stains will not penetrate the wood either, but remain on the surface for easy removal. As icing on the cake, the oils are also extremely user-friendly. You can easily divide your wood project into several days, as the product does not cause any separation marks. A final advantage is that these products are based on linseed oil and are therefore very environmentally friendly.

The ultimate exterior wood protection based on an innovative wax cream

Rubio Monocoat's latest product is not an oil, but an innovative wax cream. Rubio WoodCream is suitable for vertical exterior wood and can be applied in one coat or with an optional second coat for a more opaque effect. The cream ensures that the wood is intensively nourished, allows the wood to breathe, retains the natural moisture balance and structure and is also water-repellent. Moreover, Rubio WoodCream has a self-cleaning effect: the drops of water slide off the wood and take dirt with them on their way down. The unique cream structure is also very user-friendly. There is no risk of overlaps and dripping.

Innovation for the industry

Led's cure it in 1 layer

Rubio Monocoat also provides innovative technologies for the industry. For example, we were looking for a special technology so that our oil could dry immediately. Rubio Monocoat LED Oil is a hardwax oil for finishing wooden floors and furniture, specially developed for immediate drying thanks to LED technology. This oil is also based on molecular bonding and can therefore be applied in a single layer. In addition, LED technology has other advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly
    • No mercury
    • No unpleasant odour
    • No ozone emission
    • No need for an extraction system
  • Energy-efficient lamps
  • Time-saving
    • The wood is immediately cured and safe to walk on
    • The wood can be packaged immediately


Unique fire-retardant oil system

For public buildings, hotels and the hospitality industry it is important to be fireproof. Our product Rubio Monocoat FR Oil System helps with this. After all, it is the first fire-retardant oil system with a Bfl-s1 certificate for oak. The system works in 2 phases: a pre-treatment with the fire-retardant RMC FR Base and a final coat with Rubio Monocoat FR Oil 2C. The product is available in all standard colours for oil on interior wood and has two major advantages:

  • Research has shown that the presence of salts can significantly reduce the effectiveness of fire-retardant products. Unlike most fire-retardant systems, Rubio Monocoat FR Oil System does not contain salts, which increases the durability of the system.


  • When developing the Rubio Monocoat FR Oil System, the aim was to minimise the development of smoke as much as possible. After all, statistics show that smoke in particular drastically reduces the chances of saving people from fire situations. The smoke development of our system achieved an s1-quotation, a clear indication that the system is safer in this respect as well.

RMC FR Oil System applied in the Cultural centre "Leietheater" in Deinze | Colour Pure on oak