Thermo Ayous Wood Finishes & Treatments

Thermo Ayous Wood Finishes & Treatments

Thanks to a steam process - or thermal modification - this tropical softwood species changes from durability class 5 to class 1. This makes ayous, also known as abachi, a durable wood species that is also cheaper than other hardwoods. The wood has an inconspicuous grain structure with long lines and almost no knots, giving it a modern look.

Thermo ayous has a high resistance to moisture, it is easy to work with, does not crack easily and weighs relatively little. Therefore, it is ideal as cladding, but ayous is also suitable for other outdoor applications such as garden sheds or patio wood. A disadvantage of this type of wood is that it ages relatively quickly. To counteract this, you will find all the necessary supplies in our range, as well as all kinds of products for maintenance, protection and cleaning.

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