White colours

White colours

Rubio Monocoat provides an array of treatments and finishes ideal for those looking to create a white look on their interior or exterior wooden surfaces. Not only are our oils durable and robust, but they also make it easy to clean the surface without having to use hazardous VOCs that can be damaging not just to you, but also the environment. Achieve a stunning end result while being eco-friendly - with no compromise on quality.

Exterior SunPrimer for White Wood

SunPrimer is essential for protecting your interior and exterior wood - it helps to keep the surface from absorbing moisture and other potential contaminants. Rubio Monocoat offers a SunPrimer to be applied before Hybrid Wood Protector that deepens the colour for a beautiful white finish.

Long-Lasting White Oil for Wood

If you're looking for a durable, long-lasting finish for your wood, then Rubio Monocoat's range of lighter colours is the perfect solution. The oil forms a strong protective layer and is easy to apply too - with just one coat providing a stunning white finish. Oil Plus 2C in Cotton White creates a creamy white look, whereas Super White and White really create a beautiful Scandi-style look.

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