Chopping Board Oil & Treatments

Chopping Board Oil & Treatments

Our Rubio Monocoat range of treatments and oils for chopping boards are specifically designed to protect the surface and enhance the appearance. Chopping boards are prone to drying out and becoming brittle over time which can lead to cracks and splits on the surface. This not only affects the appearance of your chopping board but also poses a health risk as bacteria can easily accumulate in these cracks, which is why we provide a range of treatments and oils to help maintain your chopping board for years.


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Rejuvenating Wood Oil for Chopping Boards

Our oils for chopping boards are scratch resistant to a high degree, while also enhancing the natural colours and grain patterns of the wood. The oil creates a protective layer on the surface, keeping your chopping board in top condition.

Durable & Long Lasting Chopping Board Treatments

Our treatments for chopping boards contain natural ingredients that penetrate deep into the wood, providing long-lasting protection. With proper aftercare using our maintenance products, you’ll have a chopping board to last you a lifetime!