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Is Rubio Monocoat environmentally friendly?
Rubio Monocoat is the reference when it comes to high quality and environmentally friendly wood protection. Our Oils are 0% VOC and are Toy safe certified. We are also the only oiling solution globally to have been awarded the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort...
What is a pre-treatment?
A pre-treatment is used to either change the original colour of the wood, or for a creative undertone before the wood is sealed with one of our Oils. Our pre-treatments include: Rubio Fumed & Smoke, Rubio Monocoat Pre-Aging, Rubio Monocoat Pre Color...
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Delivery and Shipping
When is the cut off for Next Day Delivery?
Please order before 2pm the day before you'd like your delivery to avoid disappointment.
Do you do Next Day Delivery?
Yes, we do! You can select it at checkout.
Can I return my order?
We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return. To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, in its original packaging. To start a return, you can...
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Oil Plus 2C
How can I add more sheen to my surface treated with Oil Plus 2C?
SheenPlus can be applied over Oil Plus 2C (after minimum 24 hours) to increase the sheen level. Attention: SheenPlus can't be applied to raw wood.
How Long Does oil plus 2C take to cure?
Under optimal drying conditions, the wooden surface can be lightly used or handled after about 24-36 hours. At the 48-hour mark, the oiled furniture is roughly 80% cured. Complete curing occurs within approximately 5 days.
What is Oil Plus 2C?
Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is a unique, single-component, oil-based finish that provides superior protection and color to wooden surfaces. It's made with natural ingredients such as linseed oil, which penetrates into the wood fibers to enhance its natural...
Is Oil Plus 2C food safe?
Tests have confirmed that Oil Plus 2C is food safe and fully compliant when applied to a wooden surface. If Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C (A+B) is used on a food-safe wooden surface, the combination of the wood and our Oil Plus 2C remains safe. This means...
Which colour of Oil Plus 2C should I use for the most natural possible result on my wood?
 Choosing the right color for your wood finishing product can be a difficult process. Some popular colors of the Oil Plus 2C are Pure, White 5% and Natural. However, not all three colors will keep your wood as natural as possible. We will give you...
What is the coverage of Oil Plus 2C?
20ml - 0.8m², 130ml - 5m² 350ml -14m² 1.3L - 52m² 3.5L - 140m²
What grit do I sand up to?
We'd recommend sanding up to a 120-150 grit. However, we have known customers to go up to higher than this grit, with no problems. We'd always recommend testing anything outside of our recommendations first.
Once mixed, what is the pot life of Oil Plus 2C?
Once mixed, the Oil Plus 2C (Parts A and B) will last in the pot of 4-6 hours, depending on the temperature. The accelerator will make the mixture harden and it will be unusable. 
Which product can I apply to my oak floor to make it look like a natural matte finish?
We would recommend Oil Plus 2C in Mist 5%.
Is Oil Plus 2C food safe?
Our Oil Plus 2C can be safely used on a food contact surface. We even have a Food Contact Compliance from an independent testing institute (Eurofins). 
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Can I dilute Pre-Aging with water to obtain a lighter tone?
No, we don't recommend doing this as it can dilute the product.
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Pre Colour Easy
How long do I need to leave the Pre Colour Easy on before applying the oil?
We advise 12 hours, especially with the darker colours like Intense Black. However, this is dependant on temperature and conditions. Please check if there is any transfer or if there is still colour coming off before applying the oil.
Can I put a white oil over the Pre Colour Easy in Intense Black?
However, please be aware that the white oil may turn the pre coloured wood grey, instead of giving you that white grained look. Using a spatula to achieve the 'zebra' effect may be best!
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Can DuroGrit be applied on every wood type?
Yes. Colour advice does vary based on wood type, so we recommend taking a look at our DuroGrit colour advice chart for several wood species to find the colour that works best for your wood type.
Can we apply a second layer of DuroGrit for an even better protection or more intense colour?
DuroGrit is a one layer product. When two or more coats are applied, the UV protection will be improved but the system will also become more film-forming. This might result in typical problems of film-forming systems such as flaking/peeling. In addition...
How can we remove overlapping of DuroGrit?
Small errors can be touched-up on the wet surface up to 15 minutes after application, depending on the weather conditions. Apply a bit of extra DuroGrit with a brush. Put some pressure with your brush to dissolve and mix the old product with the new ...
Does the addition of Open Time Extender affect the UV and/or mechanical resistance of DuroGrit?
No, but make sure to add no more than 10%.
What are the minimum and maximum temperatures in which we can apply DuroGrit?
Do not apply below 10°C or above 30°C.
How many product of DuroGrit is used m²/L?
8-15 m²/litre. Consumption strongly depends on the type of wood, weathering and preparation. Old wood, wood that has been left untreated outdoors or grooved wood often absorbs more product. Therefore always purchase slightly more product than the ...
Is it really required to let new wood age for 4-6 weeks before applying DuroGrit?
This is more of a recommendation than a hard rule. It mostly depends on the particular wood used. For example, fresh cumaru wood would definitely benefit from a few weeks of weathering to rinse out the extracts that the wood contains. After all, these...
What is the total drying time for DuroGrit?
General drying time is 1 to 3 hours. The exact drying time, however, depends strongly on the relative air humidity and temperature. Drying, in the sense of the evaporation of water, can go very fast, especially when it's windy or sunny. Usually, you...
How can I remove stains from spilled DuroGrit product on non-targeted adjacent areas?
First of all, protect the adjacent areas from spilled product by using plastic, cardboard or tape to cover up risk areas. If some product is spilled despite this, immediately remove the spilled material from non-targeted areas with soap and water. Product...
How should we handle a renovation with DuroGrit?
Clean the surface with Exterior Wood Cleaner and re-apply DuroGrit in the original colour. Depending on the degree of fading of the colour, dilute DuroGrit with maximum 20% water to avoid applying too much product and making the colour too opaque.
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Can I apply two layers of WoodCream?
You can apply a second layer of WoodCream, but it is not a necessity. People tend to add another layer for aesthetics - to enhance the colour on their exterior wood.
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Does the All Natural Wood Cleaner come pre-mixed?
The All Natural Wood Cleaner is for bigger areas and needs to be diluted with water in a bucket. However, the All Natural Wood Cleaner Spray comes pre-mixed and is ready to use on surfaces. Please consult the product pages and technical data sheets for...
What can I use to get dark rings out of my oiled wood?
STEP 1. Spray Tannin Remover on the stain. STEP 2. Let absorb for 2 to 3 minutes. STEP 3. Dab dry with a cloth or a paper towel (do not wipe!). STEP 4. Clean the whole surface thoroughly after with All Natural Wood Cleaner. For tougher stains, repeat...
What do you suggest for water marks and stains?
STEP 1. Spray Limespot Remover on the stain. STEP 2. Let absorb for 2 to 3 minutes. STEP 3. Dab dry with a cloth or a paper towel (do not wipe!). STEP 4. Clean the whole surface thoroughly after with All Natural Wood Cleaner! Repeat the process for...
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