Walnut Wood Finishes & Treatments

Walnut Wood Finishes & Treatments

Protect your walnut with our superior selection of pre-treatments, oils and wood aftercare products. They're both simple to use and eco-friendly, ensuring that your cedar remains in pristine condition for years to come. Without proper protection, walnut is susceptible to deterioration over time - it can easily be marred by wear and tear. Take action today and  protect your walnut with our range of treatments, available for both interior and exterior applications.

Long-Lasting Walnut Wood Oil

Our advanced oil formulation is easy to apply and provides lasting protection. This special oil binds with the wood, while highlighting its natural beauty with a stunning finish. Experience this top-tier product today for long term walnut protection.

Dark Walnut Wood Oil

Create a unique look with our Oil Plus 2C in Walnut .This product gives your wood a richer, darker colour that stands out and provides added protection against the elements. Our Oil Plus 2C in Walnut is easy to apply and creates a stunning finish that enhances your natural walnut’s beauty.

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