Our dark colours

Our dark colours

We offer a range of coatings and finishes, ideal for indoor and outdoor wooden surfaces. Not only are our oils strong and durable, but they also enable effortless cleaning without the need to use dangerous VOCs that can damage you and your surroundings.

Easy-to-Apply Dark Wood Oil

Our range of dark wood oils are easy to apply and ensure a durable finish that will last for years, when properly maintained and looked after. Not only does it protect your surfaces from the elements, but it also adds an attractive look to any room. The unique blend provides protection in one simple layer.

Dark Wood Oil

Our range of finishes includes natural and coloured oils. We offer a variety of shades to match the look and feel of your woodwork, from natural oil to darker shades. And with our finish, you can enhance the durability of your wood without sacrificing its beauty.

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