Summer House Treatments

Summer House Treatments

Summer houses are always growing in popularity as more people choose to add an "extra room" to their home. They add a touch of luxury and relaxation to any garden, providing the perfect spot to unwind and entertain during the warmer months. But just like all exterior wood, summer houses require regular maintenance and care in order to stay in top condition, which is why Rubio Monocoat provides a range of  treatments that are perfect for protecting and preserving the wood on summer houses.

Durable & Easy to Use Wood Treatment for Summer Houses

Our products are easy to use, durable and environmentally friendly, making them the perfect choice for homeowners who want to maintain their summer house without any hassle. Our WoodCream is a unique wax-based cream that offers both breathability and hydrophobic properties. The cream not only enhances the wood's natural colour and provides protection but also renders it water-repellent, while allowing it to breathe.

Browse Our Range of the Best Summer House Wood Treatments

Our range of summer house treatment products offers the best blend of natural ingredients and molecular bonding technology to provide long-lasting protection against UV rays, water damage, and more - allowing you to enjoy your summer house for years to come.

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