About Rubio Monocoat

The start of Rubio Monocoat

The story of the Rubio Monocoat brand started in 2000, but the company behind the brand has existed much longer than that. Muylle Facon was founded in 1906 as a manufacturer of mastic. The small Belgian company registered the Rubio brand in 1960 and two years later the company first expanded into a range for wood protection. In 1966, the first steps were taken onto the international stage by expanding abroad for the first time. From 1980, the Kattestraat site became too small for the fast-growing family business, and so it was time to move to a brand-new factory in the Ambachtenstraat.



Let's jump to the year 2000, a big year for Muylle Facon. After all, that was the year the company joined forces with George Barrell and his revolutionary molecular bonding technology. After five years they were ready to introduce the ground-breaking product Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus to the general public, at the time still with a single component instead of the now familiar 2C version. The product was an immediate success thanks to its unique composition, the one-coat system and the many colour combinations. In 2008, it was already time for a first expansion of the factory and in 2016 a second building in the Roeselaarsestraat was taken into use. Anno 2021, further expansion is planned with a third building.


Our values

At Rubio Monocoat we believe that wood should be treated with respect. We want to bring out the natural beauty of wood and put it in the spotlight.

      Thanks to our unique variety and range of colours, there is something for everyone.

       In our activities, we always make sure to respect nature.

      In doing so, we try to provide the best quality.

      Most important of all: our customer comes first!


The Rubio Monocoat Academy: advice and customised training

What exactly does 'sanding properly' mean? Which pre-treatment achieves the desired result on a particular type of wood? What should be taken into account when choosing a certain product? These and many other questions are answered in detail during the training courses that our specialists provide in the Rubio Monocoat Academy at our branch in the Roeselaarsestraat. After a brief theoretical introduction, the participants immediately gain a dose of practical experience. This is how we help our clients with our expertise and make their future projects even better!

The future of Rubio Monocoat 

Today, Rubio Monocoat is active in more than 82 countries and more than 80,000,000 m² of wood is treated with our products every year. We would like to grow even more in the future. We will do this by introducing new, innovative technologies that we continue to focus on. Our products are increasingly becoming better and safer. This is also proven by the numerous certificates that we have already been awarded. In addition, Rubio Monocoat is committed to ecology and sustainability. Finally, we put people at the heart of our vision: both by putting our customers first and by focusing on the happiness of our more than 150 employees