Grey colours and tints for wood

Grey colours and tints for wood

Rubio Monocoat offers a selection of grey treatments and finishes, perfect for all types of indoor or outdoor wooden surfaces. Not only are our oils strong and long-lasting, but they also facilitate easy cleaning without the need to use hazardous VOCs that can be detrimental to you and the environment. Achieve a beautiful finish while being environmentally conscious - with no trade-off in quality.

Grey Wood Oil for Interior Application

Our range of grey wood oils for interior application offers superior protection against dirt and wear, while providing a beautiful and modern look. 

Durable Grey Exterior Wood Oil

We offer a long-lasting Grey collection of Exterior WoodCreams that are perfect for outdoor wooden surfaces, such as sheds, wooden doors, cabins, and fencing. The oil provides UV protection to keep your wood looking beautiful and new for years.

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  1. Oil Plus 2C
    Oil Plus 2C
    Protects and colours your interior wood in one single layer
    Oil Plus 2C is a true oil of the newest generation thanks to its revolutionary binding. The product molecularly bonds with the wood fibres in the surface to be treated and thus protects and colours your wood in a single layer. This avoids overlaps and marks, and you get low consumption and long-lasting protection. Learn More
    • Colours and protects all interior wood in 1 layer
    • Safe & ecological: 0% VOC
    • Time & cost efficient
    • Natural look and feel for all wood types
    • Easy application and maintenance

    Good to know: We recommend using the B component (accelerator). This way the surface is dry after 24 hours and cured after 5 days. After curing, the surface can be cleaned with water and soap.

    Don't forget: The colours of linseed oil are shown differently on each wood type. We strongly recommend you test the colour on a small part first before finishing your entire project. 

  2. WoodCream
    Innovative wax cream for vertical wood with natural results
    A technological innovation that protects and colours wood. WoodCream is a wax cream that preserves the natural look and feel of your vertical exterior wood. Because of its structure, the cream is very easy to apply and the product does not drip. The cream is so water-repellent that it offers a self-cleaning effect and is available in 27 attractive colours. Learn More
    • Self-cleaning and water-repellent
    • Natural look & feel
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Easy to apply
  3. Precolor Easy
    Precolor Easy
    Get creative, stay natural, love colours
    Want to be creative with colours and still maintain a natural effect? This is possible thanks to Precolor Easy for interior wood. With this pre-colour you can choose from 14 colours, which can also be combined with up to 40 colours of Oil Plus 2C. Learn More
    • 14 unique colours
    • Natural look and feel
    • Ecological: 0% VOC
    • Suitable for almost all wood types indoor

    This product is a pre-treatment and always has to be combined with Oil Plus 2C.

    The 100ml and 1L packagings are ideal for treating furniture and objects. For larger surfaces such as floors and stairs, it is better to ask help from a professional.

  4. DuroGrit
    Tomorrow's UV protection for your outdoors
    DuroGrit is ideal for outdoor wood projects where UV protection and durability are crucial. The product is available in 14 colours and is suitable for terraces, garden furniture, claddings, etc. Thanks to the 0% VOC's it's also ecological and safe to use. Learn More
    • Patented FibreGrit Technology
    • Proven 1-layer technology
    • Tomorrow’s UV resistance
    • Tough mechanical protection
    • For all exterior wood

    Rubio Monocoat offers a 10-year warranty on a long-lasting wood UV protection for vertical wooden surfaces and up to a 2-year warranty for horizontal surfaces.
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