Wood Oil

Wood Oil

Our Patented Wood Oil: One Layer And You're Done!

Rubio Monocoat wood oil is unique because it protects and colours your wood in a single layer. Our patented technology is and remains unrivalled within the market. The oil is suitable for all types of wood and protects against wear and tear, cold and heat, wind and water.

In addition to natural shades, our range includes a wide range of trending colours for indoor and outdoor use. As well as being at the top of our game, our oil is also a quality product with great durability, and produced and distributed in an environmentally friendly way.


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Oil For Wood

Wood Oil soaks in, creating a strong, water-resistant layer. This makes it great for protecting and beautifying furniture, floors, outdoor or indoor wood. Wood oil enhances the wood's natural color and grain, giving it a warm, rich look and can be used on a range of interior wood types & exterior wood types. It's easy to apply and maintain, making it perfect for both professionals and DIY projects. Choose wood oil for a durable, eco-friendly wood finish.