Sleeper Treatments & Oil

Sleeper Treatments & Oil

Railway sleepers are becoming increasingly popular as a material for garden projects and home decoration. They're a great way to add character and natural beauty to any outdoor or indoor space. But maintaining the sleeper wood is important to ensure it remains looking its best for years - which is why we have the perfect solution to keep your wood protected!

Long-Lasting Railway Sleeper Treatment

Whether you have brand new or reclaimed sleepers, treating them with a high-quality wood treatment will not only enhance their appearance but also increase their lifespan. Our garden sleeper treatment helps protect the wood from weathering and rot. Our Rubio Monocoat hydrophobic WoodCream is a highly effective and long lasting product, providing a water-repellent layer to prevent water from penetrating the wood.

Self-Cleaning Oak Sleeper Treatment

If your sleeper is oak, or any other wood, our exterior sleeper treatment will work at reducing the risk of micro-organism growth due to its self-cleaning technology. This will save you the time and effort of frequently having to clean your sleepers.

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