Oak Wood Finishes & Treatments

Oak Wood Finishes & Treatments

Oak wood deserves special attention and care when it comes to finishes and treatments. Unprotected oak will show signs of age, wear, and damage over time so it's important to have the right products to keep your wood looking great for longer. Our range of easy-to-apply and environmentally friendly pre-treatments, oils, and wood aftercare products can help colour, protect and enhance the beauty of your oak.

Durable Oak Wood Oil Treatments

Oak wood oil treatments are a great way to protect and nourish your wood, making it more resilient against wear, moisture and harsh weather conditions. Our hard-wearing interior oil and exterior cream are designed to penetrate into the surface of the wood, providing protection.

Dark & Light Oak Wood Oil

Whether you have a light or dark oak wood finish, we can provide the right treatments to keep it looking beautiful. Our range of light and dark oak wood oils make it easy to find the one that matches your exact colour and tone perfectly.

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