Which colour of Oil Plus 2C should I use for the most natural possible result on my wood?

 Choosing the right color for your wood finishing product can be a difficult process. Some popular colors of the Oil Plus 2C are Pure, White 5% and Natural. However, not all three colors will keep your wood as natural as possible. We will give you some tips below to help you make your choice, but remember that it is always best to test your color on a wood sample. This really gives you the best idea of ​​what your color will look like on your wood.

The color Pure contains no pigment, but is therefore not transparent. After all, the oil is made from linseed and therefore also contains a natural color that will enrich/darken the wood. Below you can see an example of what the Oil Plus 2C color Pure looks like on white oak. The top right corner was not treated.

Do you want to avoid this enriching effect and stay closer to the natural color of the wood? Then a color with pigment will come closer to the desired result. The Natural color contains a creamy whitish/yellowish pigment that counteracts the natural darkening of white oak. The color White 5% will also give a more natural result.

On white oak: left - Pure, middle - White 5%, right - Natural

Be careful with other types of wood. Not every color will produce the same result with every type of wood. For example, with red oak it is better to use the Precolor Easy Mint White to neutralize the pink/red tones in combination with the Oil Plus 2C White 5%. Because walnut in itself is a dark type of wood, the Pure color will give the desired result here. You get a slight darkening here, but this is often a desired effect.