Visual connection with nature

25 November 2019
Today, everything revolves around technology. People spend hours on their smartphone and sometimes forget to get a breath of fresh air. We also live in a hectic society where everything has to go faster and faster. But how can we learn to relax and trust our own intuition again?

One of the newest trends is called "biophilic design", but what does biophilia actually mean? Biophilia includes a human need to make a connection with nature and other forms of life. A consequence of modern life is that we spend more time than ever inside, losing our connection with the natural world. Research shows that biophilic design promotes creativity and productivity, reduces stress and can improve our health and well-being. That is why more and more architects apply biophilic design when designing buildings such as hospitals, schools and workspaces.

How can you apply biophilic design in your interior? Biophilic design can be achieved by adding natural elements to your interior such as wood, plants, light sources...

In wood we trust
Wood is a natural material that you can easily incorporate into your interior, such as a wooden table, floor, cupboard ... With Rubio Monocoat oil you can immediately respond to the biophilic trend. You can choose to maintain the natural look and feel of the wood by opting for white, grey or rather warm tones. Our extensive colour range of 40 standard colours offers something for everyone.

Are you really convinced of biophilic design in your interior? Give your wood a "biophilic" colour! You can still go for light tones, but at Rubio Monocoat we also like to give wood a trendy look. At Rubio Monocoat we have a series of Colour Trends that perfectly match the biophilic trend: Morning Mist, Nordic Blue, Winter Blush or how about the soft Frost Green?

Light and bright
Light is also a natural element that can brighten up your room completely and allow you to relax. Do you want more natural light in your home? Then make sure your furniture, walls and floor have a light colour. These surfaces absorb and reflect light, which leads to a sun-drenched room with a calming effect.

Do you feel like these tips are too invasive for your interior? Go green! By simply adding some green to your interior you can also create a biophilic effect. This can be done with plants, flowers ... Or how about a herb corner? Everything is possible! Try it yourself and make your interior biophilic proof.

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